Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memories for you, Memories for me!

This week I have hit the ground running, setting a goal for myself to sew 2 blankets and list them per day! That is a huge venture with 3 little ones at home, but it's a wonder what motivation, nap times, and a little boost of adrenaline at night will do for you! I have kept up with my goal so far and have posted some great blankets, hoping someone can find use for them!


Anyhow, sewing is a special time for me. I am able to borrow my Grandmother's sewing machine, which is quite old at this point, but so vibrant with memories for me. My Grandmother was a wonderful seamstress, and I am so blessed to be able to sit at the bench and sew away! (It must run in the family, because my mom is a great seamstress as well!) So, as I make each blanket I think of the wonderful homes they are going to and hoping that they even create half as many memories for each person as I have while I sew them! There is a story behind every good thing! I hope to pass on the beginnings of those stories!!! Here are some pics of my new creations!!!

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