Saturday, April 17, 2010

Craft Fair Highlights and Lowlights!

Well, I did my first craft show, and I survived! I did more than survive, I actually sold a few things, despite the slow traffic. So here's a few highlights and lowlights of my day!

Great spot: I was the first table when you walked in!
Sold a few things
Met a fellow Etsian

Low traffic of people and lower sales
Quick show...only 4 hours

I really don't have any complaints, because I had never done a craft show before. My expectations were to sell a few things and get my name out there. I handed out business card magnets and got my name exposed. Hopefully some more sales will come from this!  I actually just felt great that I had an identity besides "MOMMY!" It was good to be able to see my hobby come to life and bless other people! Very rarely do people just send cards in the mail. There is no need to since we have texting, Facebook, email, and IM. I want to change all that, and bring the importance of a handwritten note back in style! When I grow old, I want to look back and have written memories of people, places, and events! That's the power of writing!

I have MANY new styles in stock. Some are listed on Etsy, but not on my site yet (hopefully by next week, when I recuperate!). Here are a few ways to take a sneak peek, if you would like! Over and out!!! A full day's work!!/pages/YOUniquelyyours/352820905170?ref=ts

Monday, April 12, 2010

Inventory Frenzy!!! CRAFT FAIR HERE I COME!!!

Well, I am ready for my first craft show! I am really excited to expose my crafts to more people and meet other crafters!!! This Saturday will be my first craft show at Sycamore Trails Elementary School in Bartlett, IL! I have been SO busy building my inventory, and have practically lived in our basement at every chance I can get trying to get things done! I love every minute of it though. It gives me a sense of purpose and gets my mind off of all the diapers I changed, mouths I fed, tears I wiped and spills I cleaned up that day! :) Here's a sneak peak at some of my inventory...These aren't even all listed on Etsy yet or my it's really fresh!!!