Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Spring Items....Silk flower HeadBands!!!!

So after adjusting to life with 4 little munchkins, I rejuvenated myself by coming up with a new product that just hit my Etsy Shop ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/YOUniqueBaby)....cute silk flowers on Stretchy Headbands! I was inspired to make these because of my oldest who just went to Kindergarten this year! I wanted something representative of her age group in my shop, since I try to involve all of my kids in my business! They are my harshest critiques, when it comes to picking material, and finalizing products!!!! :) Oh how I love their opinions!!!

So I hit the ground running on making these silk flowers, and I have to admit, they have become a favorite for me! They are all so unique and beautiful....and the color combinations are ENDLESS!!!! Here are a few photos of my work:

 This one was my first ever and I just love it!

Pink polka dots:


Zebra Print

Brown Polka Dots:


Vintage Green:


That's all for now! Maybe I'll get around to posting a tutorial on how to make these! :)