Friday, October 16, 2009

Tag, I'm it!

Well, this week, I finally ordered my clothing tags for my blankets. I'm so excited to finally have that done and to be able to have my logo on all of my blankets! I don't know why it has taken me so long to get that done, but it has! My blankets are near and dear to my heart. I have been making them for 4 years now, and keep getting more and more passionate about them. My kids love them. They ALWAYS have to have them in the car and to go to sleep at night. That is why I call them THE LINUS LINE! I'd love to tell you that they are magical, but they are just INCREDIBLY soft. Take a look at my happiest customers!

Each blanket is special and unique! Every time I go to the fabric store I take my kids. We pile the cart high with all of their favorite fabrics. That way I know that they are "KID APPROVED!"  I love the idea of  babies having a soft, unique blanket that stops traffic of people saying, "That is so cute! I've never seen that one!"  That's  because it's YOUniquelyyours!

I have to admit that I love starting my own business. The process has been long for me and perhaps a bit drawn out, but slowly but surely I am getting "up and running." At first, I wanted everything to be instant and to just function, but I have learned to take it a day at a time, and to just watch it unfold.That's where I'm at right now being a SAHM and that's OK!!

I did have a sale on Etsy and a Christmas card order, which was exciting! Be on the look out for my logo:

My goal is to be circulating all over the place, blessing people with YOUnique and handmade gifts!

A week in the life of YOUniquelyyours....Can't wait to get my tags in! I'm feeling more official!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A "YOUnique" spotlight!

Lately I have been trying to find different ways to get my name out into the "business" world, on a limited time schedule, of course! I am on Etsy a lot exploring different shops and sellers. One day I  stumbled on a seller in a forum who offered to feature an interview with  me as part of her BLOG entry! I had a great time thinking through the questions and expressing some of the passions behind my business! If you would like to get an up- close look at the inspirations of my business, take a look at this interview: (And make sure to look at the cute pictures of raspberrykidz!)

Marketing is a weird concept to me, because it's a very humbling experience! You have to go out there are sell yourself, and that's not me! I honestly believe that word of mouth is the best form of marketing! Hmmmm....I hope to get to that point some day!

So, in my most humble way....please tell a friend about what I do and keep me in mind for any upcoming needs you have for something handmade and unique! You can stop by my shop or website and check out all of my new items. I am usually adding things weekly.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hi my name is YOUniquelyyours, you must be the BLOGGING world!?!?

Well, I have finally arrived to the blogging world, and am hoping that I can keep up with this! But, if I can't I'm probably outside running with my kids or wrapped up with my crafting! I must admit, the purpose of me having this blog is to journal about my up and coming at home business....YOUniquelyyours! So...where do I begin?

Being a SAHM and trying to start a business is HARD work! Let me tell you! It's taken over a year to even feel like my name might be out to some people. In fact, I just got my business cards done this past week! I KNOW!!! But,  I have vowed to put my family first and ask God to bless my business where ever He sees fit!  I'm not about fancy this or fancy that! I am about clean and simple, useful and functional! 

This week has been a busy week, With my husband on the night shift, I hit my Grandmother's antique sewing machine and sewed, sewed, sewed! I made 7 blankets this week, photographed them and listed them on my website ( and on ETSY( I have to say, my favorite ones are those I named after my kids, based on what they love! See the pictures of each one! They are so cute:

Carson's Tractor

Carter-saurus Rex

  Miss Kelsey

The way that I involve my kids into my business is I let them go with me to the various stores, and they pick out the material! We pile the cart high and get it cut! I can honestly put the "KID APPROVED" stamp on each blanket! So I feel good about this week and what was accomplished!

Well, off I go! For my first post, I think this is good enough!!! A good intro! Goodybye!