Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall is Here and we are ready!!!

Fall is here, and that's exactly what is going on right now in our lives! I have "fallen" off of the blogging bandwagon and every other bandwagon, for the matter! I have been trying to get myself up and running again, after nearly 15 weeks of morning sickness and then making it through the hustle and bustle of school, transitions, and birthday extravaganzas! Fall is the busiest time of year for us as far as birthdays and holidays, but we are on track for a relatively relaxed season! Birthday presents wrapped and ready to go! Party preparations are underway, and Christmas gifts for the kids are all all wrapped! I know....maybe I can blame it on nesting! Great excuse!

But I am excited to get back to sewing more regularly. I am just doing it every so often now, but thrilled to be hitting a fabric sale this week to stock up on some cute patterns for the fall and winter to make into blankets, travel minkys, and burp clothes. I will get some cute blankets done, and hopefully sold! I consider my sales to be a contribution for this year's Christmas gifts. So far, I am off to a good fall, having 4 sales just last week. Lots of new styles just listed, plus I have started a new line of burp clothes and gift sets (travel minky blanket with a matching burp cloth!)

Besides that I have to pass along a great new cheesecake recipe my brother first introduced to me and I have been in love with it ever since! I have been craving KEY LIME (which I can't even remember the last time I wanted Key Lime! :)! Here is the best frozen cheesecake you will ever have!! Put some raspberries on top and have the most stunning and scrumptious dessert for your holiday dinner!

Well, that's it for now!!! I have "fallen" off of this bandwagon for awhile, but I am still alive, enjoying the beautiful fall weather and loving all that this season has to bring!