Friday, May 7, 2010

Pre-Made Invitations are in the works!

So, as I have been talking to people, I have discovered a couple of things.....

1. People want the look of handmade invitations vs. the processed ones hanging in the stores that EVERYONE buys!
2. People don't like the hassles of customizing with a company, which includes increased prices for customization, time to edit proofs, and then waiting for the turn-around time!
3. People want something unique...or should I say "YOUnique!!!" :)

So, I have heard the comments, and I have switched gears here and started creating sets of
pre-made, handmade" invitations!!!!! So, what I have done is created the invitation, and the wording is all printed out. The specifics of your event is all that needs to be filled in. I do, however, offer "customizing" color choices on some of the invites! This, to me, accomplishes all of the revolutions I mentioned earlier! Here are some samples of some of my new invites!!!