Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A "YOUnique" spotlight!

Lately I have been trying to find different ways to get my name out into the "business" world, on a limited time schedule, of course! I am on Etsy a lot exploring different shops and sellers. One day I  stumbled on a seller in a forum who offered to feature an interview with  me as part of her BLOG entry! I had a great time thinking through the questions and expressing some of the passions behind my business! If you would like to get an up- close look at the inspirations of my business, take a look at this interview: (And make sure to look at the cute pictures of raspberrykidz!)


Marketing is a weird concept to me, because it's a very humbling experience! You have to go out there are sell yourself, and that's not me! I honestly believe that word of mouth is the best form of marketing! Hmmmm....I hope to get to that point some day!

So, in my most humble way....please tell a friend about what I do and keep me in mind for any upcoming needs you have for something handmade and unique! You can stop by my shop or website and check out all of my new items. I am usually adding things weekly.

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