Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hi my name is YOUniquelyyours, you must be the BLOGGING world!?!?

Well, I have finally arrived to the blogging world, and am hoping that I can keep up with this! But, if I can't I'm probably outside running with my kids or wrapped up with my crafting! I must admit, the purpose of me having this blog is to journal about my up and coming at home business....YOUniquelyyours! So...where do I begin?

Being a SAHM and trying to start a business is HARD work! Let me tell you! It's taken over a year to even feel like my name might be out to some people. In fact, I just got my business cards done this past week! I KNOW!!! But,  I have vowed to put my family first and ask God to bless my business where ever He sees fit!  I'm not about fancy this or fancy that! I am about clean and simple, useful and functional! 

This week has been a busy week, With my husband on the night shift, I hit my Grandmother's antique sewing machine and sewed, sewed, sewed! I made 7 blankets this week, photographed them and listed them on my website ( and on ETSY( I have to say, my favorite ones are those I named after my kids, based on what they love! See the pictures of each one! They are so cute:

Carson's Tractor

Carter-saurus Rex

  Miss Kelsey

The way that I involve my kids into my business is I let them go with me to the various stores, and they pick out the material! We pile the cart high and get it cut! I can honestly put the "KID APPROVED" stamp on each blanket! So I feel good about this week and what was accomplished!

Well, off I go! For my first post, I think this is good enough!!! A good intro! Goodybye!


  1. Welcome to the bloggin world! I am seriously addicted! Your blog is cute and so are those cute blankets!!